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It's an amazing time to be a coach. It's never been easier to get paid for doing what you love!

But being a Badass solo practitioner (coach AND business owner) is a little bit of a different story.

Badass solo practitioners are financially rewarded by their work.

Badass solo practitioners approach their work more methodically and with more rigour.

Badass solo practitioners are dedicated to making their coaching what they spend their days working on.

Badass solo practitioners are scientists as much as they are artists. They're continuously experimenting and taking action based on results.

In my experience, there's no better life than that of a Badass solo practitioner.

That's why I built Think Tank PLUS.

Inside Think Tank PLUS, we're a bunch of Badasses deconstructing success principles and running experiments in tandem. Not only does Think Tank PLUS  encourage you to move faster, but you also get the benefit of learning from the results of others.

If you're a serious solo practitioner, Think Tank PLUS  was made for you.

Our shared goals

Our shared goals are the same as those of the free Think Tank membership... but we take them up a level or two.

Reach 📈

The core of any coaching practice is the audience you serve – the individual people you are reaching with your work.

 You won't find much in the way of growth-hacky funnel speak here in Think Tank PLUS, but one of the biggest ways we help you build your coaching practice is through expanding your reach.

Revenue 💰

We aren't afraid to talk about money inside Think Tank PLUS. Money isn't the only goal, but it's a big part of your business that we want to help you grow.

 Money is a tool. And by increasing revenue, you can better improve your service, be more thoughtful with your choices and commitments, and support your ideal lifestyle.

Resonance 🎯

One of the best ways to expand your reach or increase revenue is by creating deeper resonance within your audience.

When the people you serve look to you as a trusted guide, mentor, coach, or friend, they are more likely to share your work and buy from you.

h/t Jay Acunzo for this focus!

Relationships 🤝

No one succeeds alone. You will go a lot farther and move a lot faster when you work with others.

This is one of the biggest benefits of a closely-knit community – we can all lift each other up. And as we each succeed, we each become an even more powerful force for one another.

💡 The bottom line...

We help members of Think Tank PLUS expand their reach and increase their revenue by developing deep resonance with their audience and building strong relationships.

 We work together to explore new strategies, tactics, and collaborations to help you do just that.

 Learn from me

Hey, Di-Di here. Think Tank PLUS is where I'm investing the majority of my time and attention outside of creating new courses.

I want to help as many coaches as possible become successful business owners. And I believe the best way for me to be successful is to ensure that the people I serve are successful.

So I created Think Tank PLUS so that I could invest more time and effort into the Badass solo practitioners who are as obsessed as I am about building a wildly successful coaching practice.

But I can't help you become a successful solo practitioner with a pre-recorded course. I can't help you become successful with a single cohort-based course, either.

Becoming a successful solo practitioner requires a lot of skills, mini-projects, and above all – time.

The best way for me to support you on that journey is through a deeper ongoing relationship.

A place where I can share what I'm learning (including the changing landscape) for months if not years.

That means that inside Think Tank PLUS, I'm extremely active in the forum and in direct chats. I host bi-weekly live sessions including open Hot Seat Office Hours.

I also create and curate the best training resources I can to help you build your coaching practice.

Think Tank PLUS is where I'm able to personalize my experience and insight to you and your specific situation and I love it.

And even better – it's a space for us all to learn together in real-time.

 Reach your potential

Do you remember high school sports? I ran marathons and played tennis in high school – there was a LOT of training involved in both.

The great thing about organized sports is that you have a coach. You have teammates. And your coach and your teammates not only hold you accountable but push you to go beyond your comfort zone and reach your potential.

Working alone, we often lack the discipline to push ourselves.

Whether you want to serve more clients, improve your bottom line, or both – Think Tank PLUS provides the accountability and push you need to achieve your potential and leverage the best of your abilities.

 Lift each other up

I'm obsessed with peer groups of historical figures. Did you know that the founders of Apple, Google, and Oracle were all friends?

Even a lot of the coaches you look up to today have their own small groups of peers who all push one another to new heights.

Not only to achieve their best, but they even amplify the work of their friends!

Basically, solo practitioners without a community are playing the business game on HARD mode.

The Think Tank PLUS community works together to not only push each other to grow and improve, but we amplify each other's work as well.

So... how does this work?🤔

Tap into our shared insight...

Share and browse Experiments

Think of Think Tank PLUS as a shared knowledge hub.

Every move we make in our businesses is motivated by a hypothesis and a desired outcome – imagine if we all shared those assumptions and goals with each other!

That's the goal of the Experiments space.

 The best way we can help each other grow faster is by running hundreds of simultaneous experiments and sharing the results.

Actively learn together...

Shared Focus Sprints

Inside The Think Tank, we'll be running what we call Shared Focus Sprints. Think of these as lightweight cohort-based courses that are only available to members of Think Tank PLUS.

These Sprints vary in length, but they all focus on elements of our shared goals of Reach, Revenue, Resonance and Relationships.

Our first Shared Focus Sprint will help members create a Quarterly Growth Plan. Future Sprints will be voted on by the community itself.

You can participate to whatever degree you'd like – you can watch my instructional videos on your own time, join our live sessions or do both. You can not participate live at all, or you can learn from past sprints – whatever you want when you want it.

Radical transparency...

Look inside my business with Monthly Retros

At the start of each month, I record and share an in-depth video with a transparent look at my own business performance.

These videos are meant to model what it looks like to set goals, measure progress, and make difficult decisions based on the numbers.

You'll see my successes and failures, lessons learned, and the decisions I'm making because of them.

 And if you have questions based on the video, we can discuss them right inside the Think Tank PLUS forum!

High-quality feedback...

Honest feedback from me and other creators

Feedback is a gift. Especially when it comes from mentors and peers who truly understand what you're trying to achieve.

The feedback you receive inside Think Tank PLUS is high-quality, honest, and empathetic. It's important that we are real and direct with one another, but that we also deliver tough feedback with kindness.

Twice a month, I host an open Hot Seat Office Hours session for you to receive feedback from me and other participants directly. These meetings are recorded and made available for those that couldn't attend. 

So let's recap...

Chat icon

Member Forum + Chat

Access to our community forum and our real-time chat.

Coaching icon
In-Person Feedback

Bi-weekly Hot Seat Office Hours where you can receive feedback from me and other participants.

Collaboration Icon
Find Collaborators

Dedicated space and process for sparking new friendships and collaborations.

Swipe File Icon

Community Swipe File

A growing repository of the best examples, templates, and ideas.

Workshops Icon

Focus Sprints

Immediate, full access to all past (and future) Focus Sprints.

Retro Icon
Transparent Monthly Retros

Monthly look-over-my-shoulder videos looking into my business.

Designed to stay small.

Think Tank PLUS is designed to be small (and stay small).

I've been a part of large communities. I've even run large national and international offline communities! And there are a lot of great things about them.

But it's very easy to lose closeness to the community as it grows. So I've designed Think Tank PLUS to stay small. That allows me to invest more of MY time in fewer people and it gives me the time and space to continue building my own teaching business.

At this time, the plan is to cap membership at 20 members. At that point, new spots will only be available once a member decides they do not wish to renew.

Pay What You Want. Cancel Any Time.

I want Think Tank PLUS to be as accessible as possible - both to newer coaches and to coaches from countries where their local currency doesn't have the buying power of developed countries.

The Think Tank PLUS fee structure works kinda like an Honesty Bar.

As a solo practitioner, you know very well that the more your clients pay the harder they play. Therefore, you get to decide what would be a slight stretch for your current situation. 

What amount would make you play hard to get your money's worth? 

Is it $19/mo, $39/mo, or $59/mo. You decide... 

Please note: The Think Tank PLUS community is currently in Beta Testing Mode. That means it’s just a few of us and we’re still figuring out some things and playing with others to find what works best for the community. 

Also, existing members will lock in the fee they've chosen for as long as they stay a member. But, as we reach our membership goals the fees for new members will go up.

"But what if I don't have much time?"

Every member of Think Tank PLUS is busy. Every single one of us.

Think Tank PLUS is designed to be a resource, not a task.

Of course, if you spend time leveraging the resources (live Events, Sprints, etc.) you will get the most out of it. But if you simply use Think Tank PLUS as a place to get inspiration, bust through roadblocks, or solicit feedback on sales copy, you're ALSO going to get a lot out of it.

You don't have to dedicate hours per week to Think Tank PLUS.

 ...but I bet you'll choose to spend more time inside than you think.

Ready to accelerate your growth?

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About Your Host

My name is Di-Di (Dee-Dee) and I’m a seasoned horticulturist, serial entrepreneur, and a former Banting (Keto) coach, from sunny South Africa who slowly transmuted into a modern-day Rainmaking nerd.

I’m passionate about making and seeing things grow healthily. Especially businesses, people, nature and our beloved holistic wellness space.

That’s why I worked hard to build the first commercial potted herb-growing operation, and also the first online herbology school in South Africa.

Today, I’m building this community to connect kindred souls on a quest to build a profitable solo practice that runs like clockwork. 

Together we will all go further.
Alone you might go faster.
 But it won’t be as much fun. Or as fruitful.

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