The BadassPreneurs Boma: Done For You Micro-Mastermind Groups

"If you want to go fast. Go alone. If you want to go far. Go together." - African Proverb

"One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people - whether the world's richest industrialists from the early 20th Century or today’s modern icons of business  - is called the mastermind group.

A mastermind group can focus special energy on your effort  - in the form of knowledge, resources, and spiritual energy too.

While you must always do the work of becoming a great success, a mastermind group can harness and maximize the spiritual focus behind your success.

In short, “mastermind” is both that power coming to us from above - from the God force - and also that power which comes to us from each other.

Together we know more and can focus more energy than any one of us can alone."
- Jack Canfield

The Successful Self-Employed Practitioner's Secret Sauce

- A Peer-Driven Micro-Mastermind Group

Hey there coach!

You're passionate about helping your clients - not to mention your family and friends who seek your help on the side.

But who do you turn to for advice and support with your business?

If you do what successful people do, you'll form your own mastermind group.

But wait... Isn't it hard to form and manage a peer-driven mastermind group?

Yes, it surely can be.

That's why so few solo practitioners create one.

With everything else on their plates, they simply don't have the time (and expertise) to find and reach out to potential members, create and maintain a meeting platform, and lead the group.

Not to mention having to coordinate everyone's calendars to find a meeting time that suits everyone.

Meet your done-for-you peer-driven Micro-Mastermind Group

Just you, me and 4 fellow like-hearted souls.

Each one of us is self-employed and runs an online business.

Each one of us knows what it’s like (the good, the bad, and the ugly) of being the head honcho.

Each one of us dreams of having a waitlist coaching practice and the freedom it brings.

And each one of us dreams of having the same kind of support systems we provide for our own clients.

Your Micro-Mastermind is a secure space where you can (in no particular order):

  • Get a sounding board for your ideas and challenges,
  • share war stories,
  • celebrate wins,
  • flourish as a professional coach and business owner, and
  • tap into the broader BadassPreneurs Boma network.

Your DONE-FOR-YOU asynchronous Micro-Mastermind Group eliminates all the hassles of starting your own business mastermind!

I designed the BadassPreneurs Micro-Mastermind Groups to be the easiest, most effective way for self-employed coaches and practitioners to become part of a high-value peer-driven mastermind group – strengthening their support system and their professional network along the way.

Your Micro-Mastermind Group is built on the proven formula of peer-driven mastermind groups of 4-6 people that are all more-or-less on the same level and working towards similar goals.

In a small peer-driven mastermind group, it is very easy to develop a close-knit, familial environment of shared purpose and accountability to your goals.

Reserve your Micro-Mastermind spot!


How it works:

  • Click the APPLY NOW button.
  • Fill out your onboarding info. It only takes a few minutes.
  • I’ll carefully review your info to find the best coaches to match you up with.
  • I’ll introduce you to your fellow mastermind group buddies.
  • I’ll set you up with a private secure space (*boma) for asynchronous messaging with your group.
  • You’ll gain access to all the other perks of being a BadassPreneurs Boma Founding Member. (See below.)

(*Note: A boma is a traditional African community enclosure particularly associated with community decision-making.)

 🚀 Become A Founding Member

Here's how to get the most from your Micro-Mastermind group...

Solo practitioners often feel isolated and alone. A business-focused mastermind group helps them find a safe space where they can feel heard and supported.

I pulled my inspiration for the BadassPreneurs Boma from my vast experience organizing and participating in countless online and offline mastermind groups. Both in intimate peer-driven and in high ticket guru-led group masterminds.

I know a thing or two about what truly makes a mastermind group game-changing for its members.

Here are five essential tips to get the most from your Micro-Mastermind Group:

TIP #1: The Power of Focus

Because there's no specific group focus or flavour of the month, your Micro-Mastermind is not an additional project you have to add to your already full plate. 

Instead, it becomes a powerful catalyst to help you move forward on your existing projects and goals.

You get to decide what will move the needle in your business. You decide what you want the Masterminds to help you with.

The more specific (focused) you can be with that, the better the Mastermind can serve you.

(I'll be working on my book and my next podcast season.)

TIP #2: The 10-Minute Weekly Check-In - Mastermind Roundtable

This one is huge. Never underestimate the power of accountability that comes from a Micro-Mastermind group. 

You're a coach. You get this...

The simple act of sharing your goals with your peers is game-changing because it has more power than telling your family or yourself what you'll do or achieve.

Your Boma Buddies will hold you to what you've said you'll do. This can be uncomfortable for both sides. But that's the point, isn't it? 😊

But, your Boma Buddies are not there to bash you. They are 100% there to support you. To help you push through your fears and challenges. To help you step outside your comfort zone. AND to help you harness the collective group wisdom to find solutions to your problems and challenges.

You are probably already doing something similar - like a weekly check-in - with your own clients. If not, simply copy my battlefield-tested Micro-Mastermind check-in framework. Plug in your own info and share it with your Boma buddies.

Invite their feedback and watch the magic happen.

TIP #3: Show up - asynchronously - for your Boma buddies

Your Micro-Mastermind group will have its own secure Private Boma (meeting space) where you can post text, voice, and video messages.

It’s all threaded in ongoing conversations where you can post at whatever time works best for you - wherever you are in the world. 

But just because the BadassPreneurs Boma is async-first, it doesn’t mean you should ghost your Boma Buddies. They depend on you to listen and contribute at least once per week.

If you want them to be there for you – be there for them.

TIP #4: Be A Badass

The more honest, open, and vulnerable you can be, the more helpful your group mates can be.

This is why we keep your group size limited to just you, me and four fellow coaches you can trust.

Remember, sharing goes both ways.

Be there to listen. And offer genuine moral support or advice whenever you can. (Hey, isn't that anyway what we coaches do for our clients? 😊)

Don’t hold back on real, honest critiques. And always frame your feedback in a constructive, helpful, and respectful manner.

TIP #5: Confidentiality

What’s discussed in our Private Boma stays in our Micro-Mastermind group. Enough said.

The Bigger BadassPreneurs Boma Community

Your Private Boma housing your micro-mastermind group is the centre of your experience in the BadassPreneurs Boma. That's what I'm here to facilitate, first and foremost.

In addition, you’ll benefit from the larger BadassPreneurs Community. This is the “town square” where all members from all of the Micro-Mastermind groups come together to meet and grow.

The BadassPreneurs Boma takes a different approach from other online communities you might have tried, giving members these unique perks:

#1: Central Community Boma

A safe secure space, similar to your Private Boma, to chat it up with all the members who are also on a quest to build a fulfilling waitlist coaching practice. No self-promotion and spammy DM's!

Only quality, constructive chats about what it’s (really) like to run and grow your coaching business. (OK, photos of your food garden and pets are allowed too 🐾).

#2: Member-led Workshops

Has a particular strategy worked well for you or your clients? Share it with the community!

I’ll facilitate a short, recorded workshop for you to share what’s working wonders for you. As a member, you get access to the archive of past member workshops.

#3: Online Business Courses

For starters, you'll get immediate complimentary access to The Professional Podcast Booking System. (I'm selling it here for $77.) In this course, you'll get the exact professional booking system, tools, and templates to get interviewed as an expert guest on podcasts and virtual summits.

There are more courses in the pipeline to help you manifest a fulfilling waitlist coaching practice. And you'll get unlimited access for as long as you're a BadassPreneurs Boma member.

Exclusive Founding Member Only Perks

In addition to all of the above the trailblazing founder members will also get the following perks:

#1: Concierge VIP Onboarding

I'm going to take you and your Boma Buddies by the hand. Showing you the ropes of making the most of your Micro-Mastermind membership. And sharing my own goals and projects with you and giving you feedback on yours. (Gurus charge thousands of dollars for this type of feedback.)

But that's not all...

The better I know you and your business the better I can create a Boma experience that will serve you and your Micro-Mastermind group. As a trailblazing founder member, you have the opportunity to help shape this experience. 

#2: Complimentary Ticket To The VIP Rainmaking Playbook Workshop

You will get an invite to attend an exclusive private hosting of The VIP Rainmaking Playbook Workshop. (I'm selling this workshop here for $497.) Not only will you walk away from this workshop with the magical formula for building a waitlist coaching practice, but you'll also get the opportunity to foster deeper relationships with your Boma Buddies.

#3: Lifetime Founder Member Fees

Founding members will pay $19 per month for as long as they stay a member of their Private Boma.

In the next application frames, these fees will increase to bring the fees in line with the perks of being part of an exclusive done-for-you Micro-Mastermind and the larger BadassPreneurs Boma community.

🚀 Become A Founding Member


Joining a Micro-Mastermind Group is for you if...

You’re a professional coach or solo practitioner (or transitioning to be one), and you're looking for others who are on a similar journey to build a fulfilling waitlist coaching practice and to improve and grow as a coach.

If you look forward to:

  • Built-in support, accountability, and fellowship through async conversations with peers in a safe private space.
  • Celebrating your practice-building wins.
  • Sharing client stories and transformations.
  • Participating in group discussions dedicated to navigating business growth and change.
  • Direct access to other top professionals willing to share their best advice.
  • Courses and workshops dedicated to helping you build a fulfilling waitlist coaching practice.
  • Being a trailblazer and playing an active role in shaping the outcome for others.

Then I’d love for you to become a trailblazing Founding Member.


Who's Behind The BadassPreneurs Boma?

My name is Di-Di (dee-dee) Hoffman. I'm a former Banting (Keto) weight loss coach, a seasoned herbologist, and a serial entrepreneur who transmuted into a modern-day Rainmaking nerd.

I love working with wellness and service professionals who are tired of being the best-kept secret in their field.

I'm the founder of The Herb Academy (est. 2004), the founder of The BadassPreneurs Academy (est. 2020), the inventor of the Perpetual Rainmaking Machine, and the host of The Badass Wellness Coach Show.

I've also started three brick-and-mortar businesses. Two were very successful and were sold for a nice profit. The other one was a disaster. I've also started two other successful online businesses - both were 'gifted' to family members and both are now thriving side hustles.


It sounds great, but will a Micro-Mastermind work for me?

The Zen answer is, "Only if you try it."

Does my business qualify?

If you are self-employed, and clients pay you to help them in any of these formats (or similar), then you're a great fit for The BadassPreneurs Boma:

  • 1-to-1 coaching, mentoring, counselling, training engagements
  • Group coaching and mentoring
  • Courses & training with direct interaction with students
  • Membership groups with direct interaction with members
  • Coaching team members within an organization
  • Advising and consulting engagements

How much does it cost?

Founding members will only pay $19 per month for as long as they stay a member of their Private Boma.

The fees will soon increase to bring them in line with the perks of being part of an exclusive done-for-you Micro-Mastermind and the larger BadassPreneurs Boma community.

What is the time commitment? How often and how long are the meetings?

There are no fixed meetings. Everything is asynchronous so that you can find the best spot in your schedule. 

To get the most from your group I recommend that you spend a few minutes every week to post your weekly check-in; and that and to give your mates feedback on their progress updates. 

Obviously, the more active you are, the more you and your buddies will benefit from your participation.

Is this another Facebook group?

Your private boma is NOT another Facebook group. It’s not even hosted on Facebook. It's hosted right here on this website behind a safe and secure paywall to keep prying eyes away from what we discuss. 

Is there a lengthy contact?

Not at all. It's month to month and you can cancel your membership at any time. Having said that, the longer you stay in your group, the more value you'll get from the group.

Are you currently accepting new members?

There will be multiple open application periods throughout the year. This is when I will actively accept new members and match them up with new micro-mastermind groups. I'll announce the upcoming new-member onboarding period here on this website and in our newsletter.

That said, you can submit your application anytime! If I'm not currently taking new members, you will be added to the waiting list for the next round (which should happen within the next 3 months).

Will my application be accepted?

If you answer all of the questions in the Onboarding Info Form, and you do some form of coaching, consulting, or mentoring, then I expect to welcome you into The BadassPreneurs Boma!

Whether you're an experienced coach with years of client relationships under your belt, or you're just starting up your new coaching practice, I'll find a spot that's right for you in The BadassPreneurs Boma.

How will you match me up with the right micro-mastermind group for me?

Using the answers you provide in your application form, I'll do my best to match you up with approx 4 other members using a mix of the following criteria. Note: In some areas, I look for similar traits, whereas in others I look for complimentary traits.

  • Your experience level as a coach (years in business, business size, etc.)
  • Coaching type (business, life, wellness, health, etc.)
  • Your location. The BadassPreneurs Boma is async-first so it isn't a problem if your Boma Buddies are a few timezones apart, but I'll try and at least match you in the same hemisphere!
  • Interest or focus area(s). For the most part, conversations cover "all things building a waitlist practice", but if I notice patterns in specific interests, I'll do my best to match you up!

Not happy with your group placement? No problem! I'm here to help re-match you, if necessary.

Can I bring a friend or colleague into my micro-mastermind group?

Yes! In fact, I encourage it.

The best way is for both of you to apply around the same time and mention on your application the other person's name to request you be matched together.

Already in a BadassPreneurs Private Boma and you'd like to invite someone new? That's great too! First, run it by your current Boma Buddies, to confirm you're all OK with bringing in a new member. Then introduce the person to me, and I'll formally onboard them to The BadassPreneurs Boma and into your Private Boma.

Which platform will be used for asynchronous communicating in The BadassPreneurs Boma?

We'll provide your group with a private Boma page. Similar looking to the one you're on right now. This page will house the ongoing thread where everyone in your group can post messages asynchronously using text, voice and/or video.

If your group wants to hold live calls using Zoom (or similar), that's totally fine too! I'm sure that someone in your group will be able to set this up, but if not, I'd be more than happy to facilitate the setup of your first meeting.

In addition, all members from all groups get access to the BadassPreneurs community Slack. This is where community events, like member-led mini-workshops and other general chats and Q&A, happen.

I have other questions...

Shoot me an email ( and I'll answer any questions you have! Or better yet, apply for the BadassPreneurs Boma and include your questions in your application.

🚀 Become A Founding Member

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