GO-TO Experts Mastermind

GO-TO Experts Mastermind

"One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people - whether the world's richest industrialists from the realty 20th Century or today’s modern icons of business  - is called the mastermind group. A mastermind group can focus special energy on your effort  - in the form of knowledge, resources, and spiritual energy too.

While you must always do the work of becoming a great success, a mastermind group can harness and maximize the spiritual focus behind your success.

In short, “mastermind” is both that power coming to us from above - from the God force - but also that power which comes to us from each other. Together we know more and can focus more energy than any one of us can alone." - Jack Canfield

Imagine Having Your Own GO-TO Peer Advisory Group

Imagine being part of a small group of people who are all committed to consciously improving their businesses and manifesting their dreams. Each of these individuals brings unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group. Most importantly, each one is committed to actively working towards their own goals - and supporting the other members in achieving theirs. A true win/win opportunity.

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically increase each other's success. Of course, people have collaborated for mutual benefit since the beginning of time. A Mastermind Group or Peer Advisory Board simply provides a focus and structure for benefitting from that support on an ongoing basis.

Now, ask yourself...

What if there were a handful of people that as they're building their businesses, they’re also thinking about me. About how they could support me. How they could include me. How they could create for me. And I was doing the same for them… what might that mean to my life? And theirs?

What if that group also included an experienced facilitator and business owners with more than 4 decades of in the trenches experience starting and building businesses? What might that mean for my business?

Bottom line... 

A GO-TO Experts Mastermind provides a level of support that most business owners NEVER get to experience in their entire lives!

The Proven Badass Mastermind Structure That Supports Success

A GO-TO Experts Mastermind Group is limited to a small number of members. This allows members to bond and work deeply on their goals and challenges in a safe small group environment.

The group meets virtually once every two weeks for 60 - 90 minutes. Everyone agrees to attend every meeting. There are very limited reasons for missing a meeting. 

Being a business mastermind our main focus is helping each other reach our business goals, or complete a project, but we allow members to discuss personal issues as well if they want to. This is a safe space where you can let your hair down and get support on the challenges you’re facing.

Meetings are facilitated by an experienced facilitator who is also an experienced, solo entrepreneur. 

Every member gets a “spotlight” opportunity in every meeting to present a business challenge, which the group will discuss within a productive framework, and will share solutions and ideas to help you chart a clear path to success. And, because the Mastermind is a safe space for like-minded peers, you’ll have the confidence to bring up your business stumbling blocks in a positive, judgment-free zone.

Meeting are recorded and uploaded to a private Mastermind Archive. This eliminates notetaking. allowing members to be “fully present” during meetings.

In between meetings, members can interact and support each other as often as they like in a private group.

Due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, members are required to sign a confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement to protect the privacy of each member in the group. You know the saying, “what happens in the group, stays in the group”.

Joining a GO-TO Experts Mastermind is a Transformational Experience

A GO-TO Experts Mastermind offers a transformational experience!

You'll be part of a community of like-minded solo entrepreneurs who understand your goals and are committed to your ongoing success.

You'll learn from your peers what works and have the benefit of hindsight at every step of your journey, helping you develop and execute plans and projects that benefit from knowledge and experience that go far beyond your own.

You'll achieve more business and personal growth, and fulfilment than you would on your own, or from regular training offerings.

This could be your most important next step in business. 

This truly is a Business and Personal Growth experience like no other.


Mastermind Membership Criteria

A GO-TO Experts is a unique business-building experience. To become a member you’ll need to:

  • Be a solo business owner that sells your own expertise. For example coaches, consultants, practitioners, speakers, authors, and creatives.

  • Be on a quest to become the Go-To in your chosen field.

  • Be eager to join a supportive experience in a safe space where you share your ideas, feedback and experiences, and are open to receiving the same from other members.

  • Committed to actively working towards your own goals and/or completing your own projects.

  • Commit to staying a member for at least four months.

  • Be willing to accept the membership rules which include a non-disclosure agreement to protect the privacy of mastermind members.

  • Able to invest $60 per month for 4 months. Or $200 upfront. [Please Note: this rate only applies to the waitlist group. The normal rate will be $200 per month.]

What a GO-TO Experts Mastermind Group Is NOT

A mastermind group is not a class.
While we may occasionally bring in guest experts, the main focus of the group is sharing among the group members. Not on learning a set of skills and knowledge in a specific structure.

A mastermind group is not group coaching.
Mastermind groups are about the members sharing with each other. Not about the facilitator leading or coaching individuals in the group.

A mastermind group is not a networking and referral group.
While we may share leads and resources with each other, the main focus of a mastermind group is brainstorming and support.

A mastermind group is not free consulting.
Belonging to a mastermind group does not entitle you to free consulting from other members or the facilitator. Both inside and outside the group.


A new mastermind group will launch when we reach a minimum of 5 members. A mastermind will not exceed  8 members.

When you click the BOOK YOUR "AUDITION" button you'll be taken to my scheduling tool to book a Mastermind "Audition".

The cool thing about this "audition" is that we're both "auditioning".

Our ultimate goal is to figure out if a Rainmaker Mastermind will serve your needs and goals. I'll also fill you in on the details of how it works. And you'll have the opportunity to raise any concerns, and ask any questions, you may have.

Should we decide that it's a fit for you, I'll share the next steps with you.

Ready to get started on the path to success you’ve been dreaming about - but didn’t know how to generate on your own? 


No commitment or payment is required today!

Meet Your GO-TO Experts Mastermind Facilitator

Di-Di "The Rainmaker" Hoffman
Founder of The BadassPreneurs Business School

I'm on a quest to rescue solo entrepreneurs selling their expertise from the devastating results of cash flow droughts caused by lead scarcity.

I have started three bricks-and-mortar businesses. Two were very successful and were sold for a nice profit. I lost a bundle (relationships, pride and money) on the third. I have also started four online businesses. Two are still going from strength to strength. One I sold to a competitor for a handsome profit. The other one I've turned into a rewarding side-hustle (hobby).

Building seven businesses have been a very hard and emotional journey for me. I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything in the world. It was and still is, the best personal development journey I could have asked for.

I've also served the South African Green Industry and the South African Nursery Association in various roles. Including Chairman of the Annual Convention (8 terms), Chairman of the Ornamental Growers Association (3 terms), Vice-President Marketing, Vice-President Finances (2 terms) and President. These roles all helped develop my group leadership skills.

I've made every (dumb) mistake in the book. Now, you can learn from my embarrassing, brutal mistakes, without having to suffer the pain yourself. And you can benefit from my more than four decades of business ownership and business building experience. As well as my extensive group leadership experience.

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