Build A Blockbuster Entry-Point Offer

You Started Your Business For All The Right Reasons...

✔️ To help your clients achieve their biggest goals and wildest dreams. 

✔️ To have a positive impact on the world.

✔️ To go to bed each night knowing that what you do matters.

✔️ You also started a business to experience more freedom in both your work and your personal life. You wanted to be in charge of your own schedule. And have plenty of time for the things that are most important to you.

But lately, you’ve been wondering…

❓ How can you do the work you love, make a bigger impact and generate more income without also generating a lot more work hours?

❓ How are those 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs able to create such high-impact, high-profit businesses yet still have the freedom, flexibility and free time to enjoy more of life?

The answer to your questions is that they have...

A Repeatable Step-by-Step Process To Build a Blockbuster Offers To Rev Up Revenues...

Are you ready to attract higher-level clients and make more high-ticket sales? Without working more hours.

Packaging your gifts, talents and purpose into a compelling offer that your most ideal clients can't resist just got a whole lot easier with this one-of-kind online course...

The only way to conduct business is through a value exchange. A trade of value for dollars. The entry-point offer is what initiates this trade.

In a nutshell, in business, the offer is the goods or services you agree to provide, how you will deliver it, how you accept payment, and the terms of the agreement. (It’s NOT your coaching offer. It's the first step in exchanging your coaching offer for cash.)

Your entry-point offer is what begins the process of getting clients and making money. It is the first thing any new client will interact with in your business. 

No matter what stage of business you're in... cash is always king.

Being able to call it in whenever you want is the difference between thriving and surviving.

Since the entry-point offer is what attracts new clients, it's the lifeblood of your business.

  • No entry-offer offer? No business. No life.
  • Bad entry-offer? Losing money. No business. Miserable life.
  • Decent entry-offer? No profit. Stagnating business. Stagnating life.
  • Good entry-offer? Some profit. Okay business. Okay life.
  • Blockbuster Entry-Offer? Fantastic profit. Thriving business. Freedom.

With A Blockbuster Entry-Point Offer... 

  1. You'll easily ATTRACT ideal clients. When you position yourself in a "category of one", you build the trust that your clients are looking for.

  2. You'll become the go-to EXPERT. A clearly defined entry-point offer positions you as a sought-after thought leader for what you do best.

  3. Sales become EASY. When you package your entry-point offer in a way that resolves resistance and objections it becomes impossible for your prospect to compare or confuse your business with the one down the street.

  4. Consistent SUCCESS. With a proven entry-point offer, you can create multiple streams of income around your ONE thing.  


🚀 Avoid The Commodity Trap. Position Yourself In A "Category of One"!

Combine your self-study of the prescribed textbook and videos with the accountability and structure of an online course and you can transform your business… fast. 

Almost overnight!

If you do the work… definitely in 3-weeks or less!

The Bottom Line... On completion of this course you'll:

✔️  Have a grasp of the ins and outs of crafting a Blockbuster Offer that your buyers can’t afford to say no to - no matter what you’re selling and at what price point

✔️  Have an irresistible entry-point offer crafted around your soul's purpose - doing what you love. Whilst building a bank account that makes you do the happy dance. 😃 (And having your family ask if what you're doing to earn money so easily is actually legal.) 

✔️  Have a rinse-and-repeat process to make ALL your offers value-based - and totally irresistible.

✔️  Attract higher-end clients because you speak directly to who you serve best - they get results, and so do you! 

Here's What We'll Cover:

✔️ How to avoid being just another coach or expert and become a 'category of one' that makes you irresistible to your ideal clients.

✔️ The riches are in the niches. The four market indicators of a great coaching niche.

✔️ Why and how to set high-ticket fees using the four core value drivers.

✔️ How to build Blockbuster offers in five steps.

✔️ How to stack the value, deliver it, and make it insanely profitable.

✔️ How to shift the demand curve in your favour using scarcity.

✔️ How to use urgency to decrease the action threshold of prospects.

✔️ How to strategically use bonuses to increase the demand of your offers.

✔️ How to completely reverse buyer risk with a creative guarantee.

✔️ How to name your offers in a way that resonates with your ideal prospects.

This Is For You If...

You are ready to put an end to the stress of wasting your precious time, energy, and money on making offers that just aren't working to bring more clients and more money into your business.

>> No more fake smiles and "everything's great" answers when someone asks you how your business is going.

>> No more frustration with making offers that look exactly the same as every other offer out there.

>> No more sinking good money after bad into Facebook ads, funnels, and strategies that just aren't working. 

Imagine getting on a sales call with a potential client and genuinely not worrying about what the outcome will be, because you KNOW there's no one else making an offer exactly like yours. Or better than yours.

Imagine looking at your family and saying "you know what... let's go away this weekend! We need some fun time." Or telling your partner you've booked that weekend away for the two of you that you've been wanting to go on.

Create Offers That Your Customers Can’t Afford To Say “NO” To!

Please note! You don't have to buy the prescribed textbook. But is NOT included. You’ll have to purchase your own copy ($1 on Amazon Kindle).

Reading this book, and taking it to heart, will be the single best return on time for your business. Nothing else will allow you to do what this book can do in the same amount of time. That’s a promise.

As a side benefit - implementing a new offer is about one of the easiest things to do in a business. So you really can do this.
This isn’t some management practice or culture-building hoodoo. This is the real “how you sell shit for lots of money” type stuff.

Here's what you get...

(1) Central learning hub
All your materials, with the exception of the prescribed textbook, in one easily accessible online course, so that you don't waste time looking for the material. ($97 value)

(2) Chapter Summaries of the Prescribed Textbook
Use these either as a quick intro or as a quick revision. ($97 value)

(3) Implementation activities, worksheets, checklists, etc.
These are all designed to make your work easier and more productive. ($97 value)

(4) 2h45 of video lectures
Highly informative and entertaining videos presented by the author of the prescribed textbook (available freely online). I've linked to the videos in the relevant lessons so you'll have your material in one central hub. (Priceless)

Blockbuster Entry-Point Offers Convert. Period. End of story.

BONUS #1: Done-with-You 1:1 Blockbuster Entry-Point Offer Brainstorming Session

Building a Blockbuster Entry-Point Offer is the most powerful and quickest way to transform your business.

But you have to be very strategic in the selection of your entry-point offer.

We'll take a look at where you are in your business right now, your existing offers, and where you want to be in 3 months' time. Then we'll figure out which of your offers will be the best entry-point offer to get you there. ($197 value)

BONUS #2: Unlimited Text and Email Support for 35 Days

Hey, you're also a coach, so I don't need to convince you of the value of solid accountability and support structures. You'll get both WhatsApp and email access to me personally to answer any questions you may have. ($497 value)

BONUS #3: The 8 Most Profitable Mega-Niches for Online Coaches

A mega-niche is the overall area of focus in your business or the big bucket category your product fits in. Choosing one of these mega-niches will ensure that your business has growth potential for years to come. ($47 value)

BONUS #4: The Profitable Micro-Niche Checklist

Choosing a profitable mega-niche is the easy part. Choosing a micro-niche with long-term profit potential is much harder. Simply run your micro-niche through the seven criteria on this checklist and you'll avoid making a costly choice mistake. ($27 value)

TOTAL Value = $1 059.
START TODAY - Just $98

Start With a Free 3-Day Trial that gives you access to ALL the material. Then one $49 instalment and another $49 instalment 30 days later.


It’s simple. If you complete the online course within 35 days: read the textbook, watch the training videos, do all the coursework, schedule and attend your 1:1 brainstorming session, and ask for help when you need it... and you don't have an entry-point offer that converts better than your previous offer... I'll work with you for another 35 days free!

Why? Because I care about you making real progress, and getting real results.

If you put in the work and go through the process, you WILL create a Blockbuster entry-point offer that converts and you WILL have the foundational building block for building a thriving business. One that makes you come alive.

I can confidently say this because I've seen it work for previous participants. And for myself. So, in case you’re wondering… Yes, I’ve got you covered!

On the fence?

Email Di-Di at to get your questions answered.

Participation Logistics

Instructor support and access: Unlimited WhatsApp and email for 35 day.

One-on-One Zoom Sessions: 1 session.

Online Learning Hub Access: Lifetime


About Di-Di "The Rainmaker" Hoffman

I have started three bricks-and-mortar businesses. Two were very successful and was sold for a nice profit. I lost a bundle (relationships, pride and money) on the third. I have also started four online businesses. Two are still going strong. One I sold to a competitor for a nice profit. The other one I've turned into a rewarding side-hustle  (hobby).

Building seven businesses have been a very hard and emotional journey for me. I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything in the world. It was and still is, the best personal development journey I could have asked for.

I've made every (dumb) mistake in the book. Especially when it comes to building the offers for my online products and services. Now, you can learn from my embarrassing, brutal mistakes, without having to suffer the pain yourself.

Answers To Common Questions

Can an entry-point offer really change my business... Almost overnight?

Yes! All you need to know is how you get results for your clients. If you're a coach or expert, you already know this, but you may not know how to make your prospect an offer they can't refuse. We are honing in on the most important areas to improve how you build and present your offer. If you go with the Done-With-You option, you'll also get additional one-on-one help with your offer

How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you're making offers, and you should be, this is a great opportunity to get a proven framework and support in making them irresistible to your ideal clients. This is designed for coaches, practitioners and experts who are not making the sales they should be making.

This course is a perfect fit for you if you:

  • Own a business (any industry)
  • Run a business (any industry)
  • Are a sole proprietorship (any industry)
  • Work in sales or marketing in any capacity (any industry)
  • Are responsible for generating revenue and driving engagement (any business)

What's with the 3-day trial and payment plan?

It is designed with my tribe in mind which are predominantly new coaches from Southern Africa. As new entrepreneurs, they have more time than money at their disposal. The 3-day trial gives them a chance to test-drive the course and the payment plan helps ease the pressure on their budget before the course can pay for itself. Which it always does.

Without a blockbuster entry-point offer, your business will wither and die.

On the other hand, build one, and you'll never ever experience a cash flow drought again.

It's as simple as that. 

GRAB Your Spot Today!

5 Modules

Step 1: Badass Value-Based Pricing Strategies

How to use the four core value drivers to avoid the commodity problem, create a category of one, and set high-ticket fees that your clients easily say YES to.

Step 2: How To Build Your Blockbuster Offer

The 5-step process to build a value-driven, insanely profitable, blockbuster offer that positions you in a category of one. And that prospects feel stupid saying no to.

Step 3: The Five Badass Offer Enhancement Strategies

How to strategically use offer enhancers to shift the demand curve in your favour in a way that resonates with your clients.

Modules for this product 5

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