How To Become A Sought-After Podcast Guest

Being interviewed as a guest on a podcast is becoming massively popular because it has a whole slew of benefits.

Just like with guest blogging, guest podcasting can:

  • Increase your visibility with a new (and engaged) audience.
  • Establish your credibility as an expert in your field.
  • Increase traffic to your website (and provide valuable backlinks) from new sources.
  • Grow your email list and leads (when you offer a free gift to listeners).
  • Build relationships with a new audience (especially since they'll hear a real person)
  • Make more sales of your programs and services… since you're reaching a whole new audience.

But there is a catch...

Because guest podcasting is so popular it's becoming more and more difficult to land great interviews.

If you're not following the latest best practice when reaching out to podcast hosts, the rejection rate will be higher than 70%! And on the more popular podcasts, it will be 100%.

In this Flash Action Guide, you're going to get a six-step process for becoming a sought-after podcast host.

You'll discover how to...

  1. Leverage your strengths so you can become a great podcast guest.
  2. Identify your goals in order to make the most of your on-air time.
  3. Find the right audience to connect with.
  4. Narrow down the right podcasts for you and your business.
  5. Create a media kit that will wow podcast hosts.
  6. Put together and send out a pitch that gets you the gig.

Valuable Badass Bonus Included

Complete all six steps in the guide and you'll unlock valuable free expert feedback on your Media Kit and Pitch!

About Your Instructor - Di-Di "The Rainmaker" Hoffman

As the host of The Badass Wellness Coach Show, I've seen hundreds of guest pitches. Only a handful ever get my attention. The rest all land in the trash bin because they are all making the same basic mistakes.

I'm also actively using guest podcasting to build my own thought leadership. And to build relationships within my area of expertise. 

Just like those pitching to be a guest on my show, I've made every (dumb) pitching mistake in the book. Now, you can learn from all our embarrassing, brutal mistakes, without having to suffer the fear and pain of rejection yourself.

The BIG Question Is...

Are you ready to FAST TRACK YOUR CREDIBILITY AND ONLINE VISIBILITY so you can join the inner circle and become a sought after coach in your field?

If your answer is a Hail Yes! 

Then what are you waiting for? 

Let's Get You On The Podcast Guesting Circuit!


Pop an email to Di-Di at and ask away.

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