πŸš€ How To Launch Irresistible Online Coaching Offers - The Badass Way

πŸš€ How To Launch Irresistible Online Coaching Offers - The Badass Way

When starting an online coaching practice, your FIRST MISSION - should you choose to accept it - is to MASTER THE ART OF LAUNCHING IRRESISTIBLE ONLINE OFFERS WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK so you can start generating cash flow and clients, build momentum, boost your confidence, and lay a solid foundation for a thriving practice that does work that matters.

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler

Every successful coaching practice starts with an Irresistible Kickstarter Offer. You simply can't afford to spend months creating the 'perfect signature program' and then try selling it. Even if you are doing this part-time, you need momentum and cash flow because they are the very lifeblood of every successful business.

To achieve your FIRST MISSION without spending a fortune you have to COMPLETE FIVE MISSION CRITICAL STEPS:

STEP 1: Craft An Irresistible Online Offer Launch Strategy - The Badass Way
Strategy is the ultimate responsibility of every business owner and entrepreneur. It doesn't matter if your strategy is explicit (mapped out) or you're flying by the seat of your pants (it's all in your head). When you get your strategy right, your offer soars and your business enjoys a long and happy life. When you get it wrong, your offer crashes and your business shrivels up and dies.

STEP 2: Pick Your Dream Outcome and Target Audience
Your Dream Outcome MUST address a VERY specific and acknowledged market need - whether that’s solving a specific problem or delivering a specific outcome. You must be able to identify ONE specific person (archetype) who needs that problem solved - your Kickstarter Target Audience. This audience needs to be open to solving their problem and be willing and able TO PAY to have it solved. And you must be able to EASILY reach them through your existing network.

STEP 3: Craft and Test an Irresistible Dream Outcome Offer.
The only way to conduct business is through a value exchange, a trade of dollars for value. The offer is what initiates this trade. It is what begins the process of getting clients and making money. It is the first thing a new client will interact with in your business. Since the offer is what attracts new clients, it's the lifeblood of your business.

  • No offer. No Business. No Life.
  • Decent offer. No Profit. Stagnating Business. Stagnating Life.
  • Irresistible Offer. Fantastic Profit. Insane Business. Freedom.

STEP 4: Design and Build Your Dream Outcome Delivery System.
Completing this Step before Step 5 seems counterintuitive. With an Irresistible Offer in hand, the natural inclination is to run out and share it with your Kickstarter Target Audience, start enrolling clients and generate sales. But, if you can't deliver what you've promised in your offer, your success will be short-lived. 

STEP 5: Design and Test Your Badass Enrollment Process.
With an Irresistible Offer and Badass Delivery System in hand, there's no need to be sales-y. You'll have all the confidence in the world to deliver on your promise. But, you still have to figure out how to share it with your Target Audience in a way that feels comfortable for you and results in them saying: "Hail YES!, When can I start?"

For more information on how to complete each Step, JOIN THE WAITLIST and then check out the corresponding Modules below.

WARNING: This Is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Blueprint

The 7-Week Badass Kickstarter Offer Launch Challenge is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick blueprint. It's based on online offer launch best practices and the lessons learned from my own and my students failed and successful launches -  it's the best road map to kickstarting your coaching practice I'm aware of.

After all, if you're going to put in the work it's nice to know that you're using a proven, tested system.

Who Am I That You Should Listen To Me?

I'm not one of those tech-savvy wizards that had lost everything, including their health, and their home. And then miraculously figured out how to make millions coaching online.

I have started three bricks-and-mortar businesses. Two were very successful and was sold for a nice profit. I lost a bundle (relationships, pride and money) on the third. I have also started four online businesses. Two are still going strong. One I sold to a competitor for a nice profit. The other one I've turned into a rewarding side-hustle  (hobby).

Building seven businesses have been a very hard and emotional journey for me. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything in the world. It was and still is, the best personal development journey I could have asked for.

I've made every (dumb) business mistake in the book. Now, you can learn from my embarrassing, brutal, f-ups, without having to suffer the pain yourself.

If The 7-Week Badass Kickstarter Offer Launch Challenge helps just one coach avoid suffering as I did, helps kickstart their business, or accomplish their dreams, it will be all worth it.

What's In It For You?

You are in the right place if you are:

  • Just starting your coaching practice and you have no idea what to do.
  • Just starting your coaching practice and you have to put money on the table to pay the bills.
  • Under pressure from your inner critic, or a spouse or partner, family, or friends, to prove that this is a business worth pursuing.
  • In training to be a coach, and you want to get a headstart on the game.
  • An established coach but you are not generating consistent income and clients.

If you've ticked just one of those boxes and you are willing to exchange the time it takes to watch a few episodes of your favourite TV show and really complete the Sprints at full speed - and if you implement what you'll learn - I can guarantee you will launch your Kickstarter Irresistible Online Offer and add more clients and dollars to your bottom line.

Enrolling in the Sprints, taking it to heart, and putting it into practice, will be the single best return on time for your business. Nothing else will allow you to do what the Sprints can do in the same amount of time. That is a promise.

Listen to what Nosipho says of her Kickstarter experience...

Nosipho M, wellness coach and founder of Intentional Living shares her experience with the Badass Kickstarter Launch Challenge

Why I'm Doing This

I've seen way too many passionate, talented, gifted, and well-qualified coaches doing exceptional work but living below the poverty line. Or struggling to make ends meet because they don't have the foundational business acumen. It breaks my heart and I'm on a mission to help Kickstart as many online coaching offers as I possibly can.

I'm semi-retired and used to travel extensively in southern Africa collecting field data about our endemic medicinal flora. Covid travel restrictions have satisfied my appetite for travelling. So, I have time on my hands. And what better way to spend it than to invest in growing a profession and people I'm passionate about.

High-Touch Private Mentoring Model

Because I know that most of you are bootstrapping your businesses, and you have more time than cash on hand, I've chosen a high-touch Private Mentoring model to help you Kickstart your irresistible online offers. Not just because it delivers better results, but also because it allows me to tailor the material to you and your situation.

I've chosen to price the Challenge at a level that puts it within easy reach of coaches within my beloved southern Africa. And, to put it within reach of any bootstrapped budget, I've included an easy instalment plan. I know doing this makes it a steal for coaches in most Western countries, but I'm comfortable with that.

There is one big drawback of this model: the time demands of private one-on-one tutoring and mentoring, coupled with Third World pricing, though ideal for students from all over the globe, resulted in the demand outstripping the supply and therefore the 7-Week Challenge has a Waiting List.

Badass Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m not asking you to decide yes or no today, I'm asking you to make a fully informed decision. That is all. The only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not the outside.

Get on the inside and if at any time you are not satisfied with the level of service you're receiving from me, you can request a full refund. Now, I'm not guaranteeing that you are going to hit YOUR goals in 7 weeks. After all, I don't know you, your goals, and your situation. But I am guaranteeing that you will get what you've paid worth of value and support from me. If you don't feel like I gave you that level of service, I'll PayPal your money back, the day you tell me I suck.

Best case, you launch your Kickstarter Online Offer in 7 weeks and start generating revenue. Worst case, you tell me I suck, I pay your money back, and you get the Sprint for free.

Both options, Yes or No, are risk-free but only one of them will help you achieve your goal, so which risk-free decision do you think will be more likely to get you to where you want to go in 7 weeks or less?


Then what are you waiting for... JOIN THE WAITLIST!


Pop an email to Di-Di at help@badasspreneurs.com and ask away.

6 Modules

The 7-Week Badass Kickstarter Offer Launch Challenge

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Craft An Irresistible Online Offer Launch Strategy - The Badass Way

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Pick Your Dream Outcome and Target Audience

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Craft and Test an Irresistible Dream Outcome Offer

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Design and Build Your Dream Outcome Delivery System

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Design and Test Your Badass Enrollment Process

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