✔️The FREE Badass Business-Building Checklist Collection For Wellness Pro's

✔️The FREE Badass Business-Building Checklist Collection For Wellness Pro's

💡 Created for life and health coaches, wellness practitioners, therapists, and healers who want to 10X their Impact, Profit, and Growth with Online Offers.

MY BIG MISSION is to help online wellness pro's plant, cultivate, and nurture, irresistible online offers so they can bear an abundance of fruit. Both for their clients and for themselves.

Why? Because people are sick. And health coaches, wellness practitioners, therapists, and healers - let's call them Wellness Pro's - have exactly what sick people need.

But sadly, most Wellness Pro's lack the skills and support to successfully share their offers in the crowded online space. Causing nine out of ten of their offers to wither and die.

I want to change that. I want you to master the art of creating life-changing coaching offers. And I want you to then plant them online and experience an exceptional success rate doing so.

YOUR MISSION - should you choose to accept it - is to PLANT YOUR COACHING PRACTICE ONLINE so you can reach more people, do work that really matters, change lives and families for the better, and build a thriving practice in the process.

The best way I know of helping you achieve your mission is to help you uplevel your business acumen with the best of the best online coaching business best practices available out there. 

And I literally mean the BEST of the BEST from-the-trenches online business practices from ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

If you enjoy cooking your own meals - most Wellness Pro's do - you'll know that there are Master Recipes, or best practices, for everything. From boiling an egg for one person to making Eggs Benedict for 24 guests. Before you can develop your own signature recipe, you first have to master the Master Recipes.

The same applies to business. There are best practices, or master recipes, for everything you need to do.

You don't have to invent every process from scratch.

And you most definitely don't have to waste time and energy trying to panel beat some YouTube guru's five-course signature menu to suit you and your business.

You just need to source the best PEER-REVIEWED online coaching business best practices.

And that is exactly what I'm about to share with you.

Introducing The BADASS Business Building Checklist Collection For Wellness Pro's

It's been said that you get an endorphin rush whenever you cross something off of a checklist. I don’t know if that is true but I do know that they are one of the most powerful business-building tools because they guarantee the successful outcome of whatever it is they are designed for. That's why pilots and surgeons use them.

What's more... Checklists are easy to share AND because one can build the business best practices into them they can serve as master recipes for developing your own signature recipes.

And just like cooking recipes - which are simply checklists of ingredients and cooking steps - everyone can learn how to use them. Even though some may take more practice than others.

In this free collection, I’m sharing some of my own badass business building checklists that I’ve never shared publicly ever before. 

✔️ For starters, there’s a nine-point checklist to check if your business logic makes sense. Because if it doesn’t - and you’ll never know if you don’t use this checklist - your business will shrivel up and die like 9 out of 10 online coaching businesses. 

✔️ I’m also stacking the odds in your favour with my Will It Fly? Checklist. Will it sell is a nagging question we have to answer before launching a new online coaching offer. This game-changing checklist will help you find the answer in just 5 - 10 minutes. And it will help you pinpoint exactly where you are missing the mark. It is 17-years in the making and my students and I have used it to launch many successful online offers. And now it’s yours.

But that's not all! Here's the best part: The BEST OF THE BEST...

✔️ In the weeks to come, you’ll also get access to checklists and actionable advice from badass branding experts like Pia Silva and Natalie Gensits.

✔️ And from highly respected and sought after international coaching business experts like Anthony McAveney, Gosia Scarrott, Kendra Perry, Lesli Bitel, and Laura Poburan… to namedrop a few.

So what are you still waiting for? 

Sign Up Now. Then dive into the Badass business building 'Master Recipe Library'. And start planting your coaching practice online

3 Modules

Strategy and Mindset Checklists

Strategy is the ultimate responsibility of every business owner and entrepreneur. When you get it right your business enjoys a long and happy life. When you get it wrong your business shrivels up and dies.

SMarketing (Sales and Marketing) Checklists

SMARKETING is a portmanteau of the words “sales” and “marketing. It refers to the process of integrating the sales and marketing activities into one streamlined process.

Operations (Coaching Delivery) Checklists


Modules for this product 3
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