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The BadassPreneurs Think Tank

Rethinking and Redefining the Mindset and Mechanics of Running a Wildly Successful Online Business

The BadassPreneurs Think Tank is a community of heart-centred service-based solopreneurs having fun rethinking and redefining the mindset and mechanics of running a wildly successful online business so that we can each define success on our own terms, spend more time doing what we love, maximize our impact on our client's lives, and make the world a healthier and happier place.

The FREE Professional Podcast Guesting Toolkit

TAP Into The Power of Podcast Guesting With The Profitable Podcast Guesting Toolkit

A Curated Collection Of Tools & Resources To Become The Go-To Expert In Your Category

Become Your Own Podcast Booking Agent

Get the exact professional booking system, tools, and templates to get interviewed as a podcast guest expert, and turn relationships into strategic referrals.

You'll build your email list, attract ideal clients and generate sales opportunities.

All without creating more content, being more social, or sharing your private life online!

Get a booking system that will:

✅ Save THOUSANDS in Booking Fees

✅ Land MORE Guesting Gigs


✅ BUILD A Powerful Business NETWORK

✅ FILL your Client PIPELINE

How To Manifest A Fulfilling Waitlist Coaching Practice - VIP Rainmaking Playbook Workshop

Raise your hand if your business needs more new clients. 🙋‍♀️ 

Raise your other hand if you’d like to have a waitlist practice. 🙋‍♀️ 

I suspect both your hands are (figuratively) up. 

The success of your business is directly linked to how effectively and consistently you can focus on the few essential things that will fuel your growth.

This workshop teaches the magical formula for choosing a set of simple, effective Rainmaking strategies and tactics, AND how to do them consistently.

The Perpetual Rainmaking Machine

Fast Track Your Results With Done-For-You 
For Coaches, Consultants And Thought Leaders

Get The Best Shortcuts To Boost Your Visibility, Get More Clients, And Build A Powerful Business Network

Choose from...

#1. Done-For-You Professional Guesting Gig BOOKING SYSTEM



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