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The Online Coaching Practice Launchpad for Holistic Health and Wellness Coaches and Practitioners who want to 10X their Impact, Profit, and Growth.

Get the INSIDE scoop on launching on growing a wildly successful soul-satisfying ONLINE health and wellness coaching practice from our hand-picked faculty of coaching business experts.

We bring you their wisdom and experience without the mumbo-jumbo and fluff. And without having to spend hours googling and filtering out the duds on your own.


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The FREE Badass Business Building Toolkit For Wellness Pro's and Coaches

💡 A toolkit for solo practitioners and coaches who want to 10X their Impact, Profit, and Growth.

I'm carefully curating the top business best practices for online coaches to help you plant, grow, and scale your online coaching business. 

And the best part is... it's a resource that keeps GROWING.

Specifically created for life and health coaches, wellness practitioners, therapists, and healers who want to 10X their Impact, Profit, and Growth with online offers.

Sign Up Now And Start Badassing Your Coaching Business With Peer-Reviewed:

✔️ Strategy and Mindset Tools
✔️ SMarketing (Sales and Marketing) Tools
✔️ Operations (Coaching Delivery) Tools

The Badass Business Skills Development Plan for Wellness Professionals

Stop Shiny Object Syndrome and Create A Focused Business Skills Development Plan That Levels Up Your Success And Leads to Your Continued Growth.

Get a step-by-step process for developing a Personal Business Skills Development Plan, along with an Action Guide to implement the steps AND a Personal Business Skills Development Plan template that's focused on results.

  • Avoid learning about skills and concepts that aren’t relevant to your business right now.
  • Pick out what IS important for your business and your own development needs.
  • Implement what you have learned so that it levels up your business success.

The Badass Growth Plan To 10X Your Impact, Sales, & Profit

A self-paced course - with private instructor support - for wellness coaches and professionals.

Successful businesses create a specific plan that lays out their roadmap for growth. They know where they want to go and what they need to do to get there. 

What holds a lot of Wellness Professionals back from doing this type of growth planning is the fear that it will be a big, long complicated process.

But... It doesn't take a lot of time to create a clear, simple growth plan.  In this course, you'll learn to do exactly that so that you can build a thriving coaching practice that does work that matters.

How To Land Your First (of many) Podcast Guesting Gigs

Follow This Proven 6-Step Process To Become A Well-Known Coach in Your Niche

Being interviewed as a guest on a podcast is becoming massively popular because it has a whole slew of benefits.

Just like with guest blogging, guest podcasting will increase your visibility with a new (and engaged) audience and establish your credibility with that audience. 

But the competition is strong. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

If you don't follow a systematic process you'll just waste your own time and, worse, you'll end up with one rejection after the other.

So, if you are ready to BUILD YOUR CREDIBILITY AND ONLINE VISIBILITY so you can become a sought after professional in your field, get my free flash guide.

The Badass Podcast Guesting Blueprint

How To Build Massive Visibility and Rock-Solid Credibility. Almost Overnight!

Guest podcasting is the #1 killer content marketing tactic of all time.

It's a bold statement! But it's true. Pound-for-pound, I have never seen a tactic that produces so many wins, with so little effort.

For starters, it's one of the best ways to build credibility and get direct access to an engaged audience at the same time.

But there is a catch...

Because more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon, it's becoming more and more difficult to land great interviewing slots.

In this Mastery Course, you'll get everything you need to know to find, pitch, and be a sought after guest on podcasts.

    Badass Launch Tactics

    Badass Launch Tactics
    For Coaches, Health Practitioners, and Healers

    Discover Top Strategies and Tactics from 18 Leading Coaching Business Experts for LAUNCHING (or Relaunching) Your Coaching Program or Business

    • Eighteen speaker sessions and fifteen virtual expo booths jampacked with cutting edge tactics to help you launch your own wildly successful high-impact coaching program.
    • Peer-reviewed world-class coaching business experts from across the globe.
    • Eighteen game-changing speaker freebies - checklists, ebooks, crash courses, guides, templates, scripts.
    • PLUS Speaker bonuses valued @ $4 000+
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